An Apology and an Amendment

I know, I know. I’ve been missing for far too long. To tell the truth, no one should be surprised that it has been nearly 11 months since my last post. I had begun to explore a new show and after being confronted with the staggering number of cast albums available for that particular show (which has been temporarily shelved for future examination by this blog) I did what I often do and walked away. It was the wrong response and I am sorry for it now. Let this post serve as my re-commitment to this endeavor.

A part of my journey has become discovering and accepting my own limitations. Among those most difficult to accept has been the ever popular limitation of time. As a result, I have had to amend my rules: I will be only listening to cast albums recorded in English unless the show in question either had its first run in another language or was recorded in the language of the place or culture in which it is set. I hope this makes things easier for me, though I am sad that it means I can’t possibly listen to every cast album ever. But oh well. I deserve to give myself a break.

I will (finally) be reviewing my second show this week. I chose a popular one that is a personal favorite of mine as a sort of treat. I can’t wait to give it a proper tribute!

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